Recommend 0. DV. T oday there are thousands of varieties of mangoes, but the technique of grafting was first used by the Portuguese and some of the varieties raised had names like Niculao Alfonso and Joani Parreira. Flavor: Sugary-sweet. Indian Alphonso mangoes are only good to make purees. King of Indian Mangoes – Alphonso. It originally belongs to Varanasi, and the best variety is from Patna and Bihar, the states in … Topics: Alphonso Banganapalli Chaunsa Dashehri Himsagar Indian mangoes Kesar Kishan Bhog Langra Mango Totapuri Published Date: April 12, 2016 1:08 PM IST Updated Date: January 28, 2020 11:32 PM IST The myth behind the name of this mango is that the original owner of the tree was lame – hence the name ‘langra’ (lame in Hindi). ... Langra. It has a very thin bright golden yellow colour skin with a tinge of red on the top of the fruit. MANGO MANIA . Despite a short season from April til May, the Alphonso is regarded as the King of the Indian Mangoes- a title under constant dispute. Badami is one mango variety which has an abundance of nutrients and is known as the Alphonso of Karnataka. Flesh: Distinct aroma rich, buttery, tender texture, ... Langra is the most well-known mango variety of the Northern Indian sub-continent. Pakistani mangoes are the best. Taste wise Both are excellent, these mangoes are plenty in India, We are the best online sellers of Groceries and Fruits in London, UK. Alphonso. Yes, we have the Portuguese to thank for our modern mangoes like the Alphonso and Pairi!
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