Thanks for the advice and getting back so quick. The BBS02 is guaranteed to put a smile on your face – the days of being intimidated by steep hills are a thing of the past! Thankfully, the latest Bafang motors have an extra lead coming off the controller, so should be able to install the sensor on the chainstay. I have installed more BBS02 750w motors than any other (in excess of seventy units) and I have had a high rate of controller failure (17%). If you need any advice on re-configuring the controller, let me know. Is it save to use only the inner lock ring or do you know any other solution for this problem? If yours is of the old type that has pinch bolts underneath the bottom bracket shell, these will prevent motor installation. The Bafang BBS02 750w will produce 1200w of peak power in standard form using a 48v battery. If your tandem is of traditional design then you would not be able to install a Bafang motor due to the chainring configuration. The first fault occurred with the controller and I needed to replace it with a supposedly modified one. The worse can scenario is a fault with the controller itself (in the motor). You have any experience with this? It should only take a couple of minutes. Bestebikes on Aliexpress are doing a good deal at the moment on the BBS02B 750w with a 48v 17Ah battery and DP-C18 colour display – Here is the link (they ship from Spain or Poland so delivery is fairly quick). I have installed both the Bafang BBS02 and BBSHD onto Carbon bikes before without too much problem. Also it is important to charge the battery at a comfortable room temperature, and store the battery inside if it isn’t being used for a while. I have fitted BBS motors to bikes with a SRAM 1 x 11, 11-42 rear cassette before and whilst you could shift to the 42t at the rear, the offset would cause cogging, poor shifting and cause the chain to keep coming off. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "ebikes1-20"; Spec: Chain set Shimano Deore FC-M612, 40x30x22T, 175mm Cassette Shimano CS-HG50, 11-36T Chain Shimano CN-HG54 Brakeset Shimano BR-M315, Hydr. I have viewed Aliexpress and am in the process of purchasing; BBS02B 48V/750W with a 48T drive sprocket as that is what my giant roam has fitted at present, (saves shortening chain) Hydrolic break sensors Bestbikes gear sensor DP-C18 Display 48v 17.5ah (samsung 35c celled battery, from what I have read I should avoid 29E celled batteries) complete with battery charger. You can also change the level of assist the motor gives you in each power setting. A 15mm wrench or pedal wrench to remove your bike's pedals. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Hi Roy, It’s definitely a good idea, especially if you’re going to rely on your bike for regular transport. With 120 Nm of torque, it has 50% more torque and 100% more power than the motors currently sold in factory ebikes. Email your address to join our newsletter. This is the newest Bafang 750w BBS02 mid drive motor kit, including version B motor and upgraded 25 amp controller with 9 IRFB3077 MOSFETs. Work bought my motor! The main issue I have come across with carbon framed bikes in the past, is the area frame area around the bottom bracket. I’d add that I live in mountain. If this is the case, then you would need to contact the supplier for a replacement under warranty. Last year I installed a BBS02 on a new Boardman MTB and only used the inner lockring and this hasn’t caused any issues. I can confirm that the kit is compatible with a Shimano 7-speed screw-on freewheel. Thanks again for the info and help. Because of this I usually use the P850c colour display, as these allow for 9 levels to be used. What is your take on battery size? The other alternative is to go for a seat post mounted battery, but these put the weight at the back end and high up, which I personally don’t like. Hi Tony I have a couple of 2013 Raleigh Voyagers lx’s his and hers which I would like to convert to e bikes what would you recommend we cycle mainly in the peak district so very hilly. The 35E Samsung cells are a big improvement on the older 29E cells. These are listed for the BBSHD, but they should also for the BBS02. The only way to be sure, would be to remove the crankset and bottom bracket and measure the thickness from the inside of the BB shell to the outside of the surrounding frame. Thank you. One more question, I now have a front chain wheel of 48 which I always use, the smaller blades 38 and 28 I never use, because the lack of speed Because the mid-motor has a ratio of 1:21.9 is it therefore still better to choose the smaller (44) chain wheel or can I just go for the same maximum size off 48? I couldn’t find this on the Pashley website but I’m assuming it’s a BSA 68mm threaded bottom bracket, but sometimes bikes with geared hubs have an eccentric bottom bracket to facilitate chain tensioning. Brilliant! Our Price: $999.00 . I’m new on electricbikes. If you would still prefer to fit a 52v battery, then it would be worth buying a spare motor controller. Are bbs01b and bbs02b the same motors, just different controllers? I don’t plan to go off-road often. I also pay taxes. Thanks in advance. There seems to be a definite lack of consistency regarding quality control across the range. Thanks for all the information here. The seller is “hallomotor_flagshipstore” and is located in . One good thing about the Bafang mid-drive is it’s easy to reprogram – I find setting the controller limit to 18A and reducing the start-up current in the controller settings seems to make them a lot less prone to issues. Personally, I would pay the extra and buy a 100mm BB BBSHD, although there are adaptors available for the BBS02 – Here is a link to one from Fasterbikes EU which are in Germany. Lithuania. All our Bafang motor kits (BBS02/BBSHD) are compatible with 52V batteries as our upgraded, robust controllers are made to handle a maximum of 52 volts. Your email address will not be published. Also you need to watch the threads on the crankarms / crankset when you remove them as they tend to be made of Swiss cheese (plus they don’t always grease the BB axles) – when you’ve removed the Allen bolts and screwed in the crank puller, make sure it’s tightened fully in the thread (usually with a 17mm spanner) before you try to remove them. He helped explain to me the pros and cons of the BBS02 versus the BBSHD and was extremely transparent and honest. Luna Cycles in the States do a Bafang stabiliser bar for full suspension and hardtail bikes – here is the link. I’ve had a look at the specification of the 2013 Raleigh Voyager LX and it will be suitable for either a Bafang or Tongheng mid-drive. I hope this helps, if you have any more questions, please let me know. Thanks for the reply, Tony. Riding a Kona Jake the Snake CX bike with a BBS02B and 48v battery. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Shipping CostShipping cost is a $50 per item. Again, 36 tooth Lekkie Bling Ring, ebike hydraulic disks, 52v battery and this time a Rohloff internal gear hub (love of my life). The controller will need to correspond to the model of your motor – ‘A’ model (earlier model – very rare nowadays) or ‘B’ model (much common and recent). article. The other option would be to get a hub motor laced into the appropriate wheel size – the main issue here is that BMX rear dropout spacing is usually 110mm and most hub motors are standard 135mm. We offer the Bafang BBS02 kit with three sprocket options with different tooth sizes (44T, 48T and 52T). Do you have any trouble with the one-way clutch? The only thing you can configure through the display is assisted speed limit and the amount of assist levels – 3, 5 or 9. These kits will only work on bikes with 68mm & 73mm bottom brackets, which is most bikes with the exception of fat bikes and beach cruisers. I wouldn’t find it a problem, but my wife may, so I was wondering if that start power could be reduced, so it doesn’t kick quite so hard. You should be okay with the 11-42 10-speed, although you will find the chainline is off a fair bit on the lowest two or three gears (particularly the 42t), usually with a bit of fine-adjustment of the derailleur you can get the indexing to be acceptable. I’ve checked the specs, and your bike uses a Hollowtech II threaded bottom bracket. This is not a job to be taken lightly, but it is possible if done correctly. Thanks GK. A demonstration of the gearshift sensor working, on a BBSHD powered bike. I do not consider this to be a reliable brand and would appreciate recommendations for alternatives. Watch our step-by-step Installation Video here. Regarding motor performance in extreme cold temperatures, the Bafang BBS02 / BBSHD seem to perform okay, I have sold kits in the past to customers in Norway and Finland and the feedback has been positive. If you need any more info, please let me know. I usually source my motor kits for Bestebike on Aliexpress, as they usually have stock in Europe – the last kit I ordered turned up in less than a week. In my experience, I prefer a fat tire bike with a mid-drive. A chain tool to remove your bike's chain. I’m fairly sure even the later models have BSA threaded bottom brackets. I’ve also heard of people leaving their bikes outside in heavy rain and having problems. If you could please help me with a build I am considering I would be most great full. Thanks for your complement, glad you like the review! This review is based on my own personal experiences installing over seventy of these units over a three year period. It depends on the angle of the chainstays. Hi Tony, thanks for your comprehensive review. I was choosing between buying the Bafang BBS02 750w and the BBSHD 1000w. I also needed to use longer Allen bolts and spacers for the mounting plate and motor. Don’t need to go fast, just me and the dog enjoying an outing. have a MTB with a BBS02 kit and having a blast with it. Once your order ships, you will be emailed a FedEx tracking number, so you can track the delivery shipment of your order. Teeth 38. I have converted a similar aged Rockhopper in the past and it was fairly straightforward. 1000w Electric Bike Conversion Kit Review, Best Electric Conversion Kit for Recumbent Trike or Bike. As far as reliability is concerned, I have installed nearly 40 TSDZ2 motors and only ever had a couple of minor issues. If this is a problem, I would go for the 850c display. Hi, thanks that is a great help and yes I have the yellow Bizango. NEW YEAR SALE!Starting at $799! It is always useful to have a spare controller and a nylon primary gear. Thanks again. . The motor itself has a fairly good degree of resistance to moisture ingress, although you may want to strip the motor down and check it over at the end of each winter season. I usually set the start current to 10%, I think it comes out of the factory at 20%, which as you have said can be a bit much. Luna Cycle have some pretty good 48v battery packs available and they might be able to custom-build one to fit in the frame. Most tandems I have come across have a left hand crankset (on the front) going to a l/h/s rear crank which in turn has a r/h/s crank going to the rear gear cassette. Would the Carbon frame be a problem? You can expect an assisted range of between 25-40 miles from the 12.5Ah battery (possibly more if you’re only using the assist on hills). Some of the colour displays can be problematic – I find the black and white C965 display to be the most reliable, although the latest DP-C18 colour display seems to be pretty good (although most of these displays only allow for 5 levels of pedal assist). Thanks again, take care a stay healty with Covid-19! I got the idea that the 48V 17.5 A battery is the better choice. As long as your Merida has a threaded bottom bracket, the Bafang BBS motor will be a good fit. I’m drawn to the 02B for its smaller size, weight, cost but will go for the HD if you suggest. Thanks for the complements, glad you like my website. I have also compiled a list of parts. If you decided to go for the kit, you could mount the battery on your wife’s bike on the rear rack (if you couldn’t fit it into the frame). All the best, Tony. The ‘B’ model had upgraded MOSFET’s in the controller, and the later models usually have a separate gearshift sensor connector coming off the motor and a connector for lights. Although I did find this thread on Endless-Sphere discussing the possibilities. These kits are usually very reliable, they offer decent after sales service and a reasonable warranty. I’ve just converted a brand-new Boardman hardtail MTB with a very similar specification and the only issue I had was there wasn’t enough thread left on the motor axle to fit the outer lockring. All orders ship from California, USA with insurance, tracking, and signature confirmation. Best regards. Great review of this brand thanks ! Glad to help, if you need any more info, let me know. Mine has not been reliable. Hi Tony, we can rely on you to be not only prompt, but succinct and precise in your replies. With a gear ration of 11-32 8-speed – if you order a 44t front chainring, you will be able to pedal up to around 40km/h without too much trouble. If I’m wrong and it uses a standard BSA threaded bottom bracket then installation should be fairly straightforward. amzn_assoc_asins = "B07D598TGV"; Thank you for your positive comments, glad you found the article useful. Thanks Tony, Much appreciated. I appreciate any advice you have on both good reputable rear wheel kits that are available and why or why not I should consider or not consider a mid-drive. You may have problems with a carbon frame, depending on the thickness around the bottom bracket area. Hello I currently own a volt pulse x but would like to upgrade the fun level, and am considering fitting this unit to my giant roam, with 28 inch wheels. It’s set at 20% out of the box and always reduce this to 10% which means less load on the motor when pedalling starts. My bike is an Orange p7 Hard tail I have got the 36t bling ring up front and a 42 11speed cassette. I would like to buy a new bike and want to know if a BSS02 48V 750W kit will fit on this one: My off road rides can be half dayers, I’m in SE England – fairly hilly what do you reckon would be my best motor and set up? Hello Tony Thanks for the tyre recommendations, I am hoping to sell the volt pulse x, before finally purchasing all that I have listed. The main issue is a 73mm wide BB is at the limit of a standard BBS02 motor shaft, and if you need to use spacers (due to the chainstay angle) it won’t leave enough thread to fit the outer motor lockring. Shop our favorite brands Check out our wide selection of third-party gift cards. amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "bafang bbs02"; I have a bike rack for the car that has this limit. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; For simplicity and reliability, I would be inclined to go for a 48v Bafang rear hub motor – these are generally very reliable and can be used with a 52v battery. Superior to hub motors, the mid drive motor kit feels just like a normal bike when pedaling since it can completely freewheel. It’s possible Luna Cycles or California ebikes sell the modification kit. Can I use a 36V 12,8ah battery with this kit? Here is a link to an image of a Shimano XT bottom bracket (from the Shimano website). Savings: $289.00. I have to questions and I would appreciate if you can help: 1. Stay safe everyone! I’ve converted a couple of Boardman hybrids in the past and they’re usually very straightforward. Getting the right kit really depends on your specific needs, but assuming you want to stay on the right side of the law, then either the Tongsheng TSDZ2 or Bafang BBS01B (250w) would be ideal. Today i made my first ride to work (excuse my english, i am a french canadian) with it and it was perfect, but when i came back tonight, the chain dropped 5 times (during a 17 km ride)… I am not sure but i think it’s when i hit a hole in the street. All the tools that you will need for the install are typically found in most bike tool kits. Spending close to £1000 and with a Chinese company does raise some concerns. Personally, I am not a big fan of these throttles. Also… I’m using the DPS18 and it only shows 5 levels of assist, yet you also talk of there being 9 levels, something I’ve seen elsewhere. Depending on what display you choose, I have some user manuals available for download in my ‘resources’ section. motor: BBS02 mid-drive 48V 750W battery: 52V 13AH display controller: 860C. What a great website with very usefull information, many thanks! amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; It’s sometimes luck of the draw whether you get a good or bad one. Install this kit on a decent bike, with good brakes and suspension and you will have a great high performance e-bike that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! $99.95 Choose a Version * Version A Version B. Qty: Share: Add to Cart Current stock: 0. ??? I have never come across a Bafang BBS motor that has a coaster brake function, only the Tongsheng TSDZ2 motor. If you need any more advice, let me know. I’ve checked the specification of the latest Voodoo Bizango and it should be compatible as it uses a SRAM Powerspline 73mm threaded bottom bracket. I would have to remove my fully enclosed chain guard though but the bike is worth it. Mid-drive motors are more efficient and produce more torque (rotational force) but they can cause premature wear and tear on the drive-train of the bike. Shipping Carriers are experiencing unprecedented volume increases and delays caused by the impacts of COVID-19. Another thing you will need (if you don’t already have one) is a 1/2″ breaker bar – this will give you enough leverage to remove the bottom bracket, as they can be a right sod to remove at times. GS170701242. Could I keep the weight of the bike around 20 kilos with the battery off? Products typically ship within 1-2 business days after the order is placed. Hi Tony, thanks for the prompt reply. The Shimano M355 hydraulic brakes should be a straight swap from the Tektro brakes fitted. And on my husband’s bike, the controller sometimes just quits operating for no apparent reason, then comes on again. I would really appreciate Your answer and your experience with Bafang motors. I had a look on the Cube website link and I couldn’t find the bottom bracket type in the specification. I hope I haven’t put you off with this review, as I really believe this is a great electric bike conversion kit. Much appreciated. The police will not generally bother someone riding an electric bike as long as they are pedalling and riding sensibly. You can get a BB30 to BSA adaptor here, but you would still need to fabricate a motor mounting plate. 48 tooth is a reliable middle of the ride option. I would go with the 36t sprocket, much better for climbing and better for the motor in the long run. Does it take long to change between them? I used your links and got everything. You will have enough thread to tighten the inner lockring, but you may not be able to fully tighten the outer lockring. My only concern is I feel as though my legs are going so fast to keep up I am not getting any benefit. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. I don’t have any experience with converting bicycle to e-bike, and wondering could the Bafang fit or not hmm. Will, it withstands the rain and snow? Can be placed right next to the brake clamp on a 22mm bar on the left and can be operated with a thumb. I’ve used a BBSHD in very wet and muddy off-road conditions without any issues, heavy rain and riding through puddles and shallow water. My personal experience of the BBS02B 750w is positive, I had 2000 trouble-free miles over 12 months. Another important setting is the pedal assist start up current. The fact that you can still use your gears makes it even more versatile. In so many ways Bafang’s BBS02 750W drive unit is a dream come true. The Bafang mid-drive BBS02 750w motor mounts in place of your bike's bottom bracket and replaces your bike's crankset and front derailleur if you have one. The battery is a Green Cell 48V 14.7Ah. I’m racking up 18 miles a day on a Monday-Friday commute, in rainy Manchester, UK. Plus, it’s way faster. Christian. I love riding long distances. Hi Tony, I am interested in installing a mid drive motor on my tandem bike. I reckon I very rarely ride it at more than 250 – 350 watts. If you wanted to buy a battery separately Batteryempireuk on eBay are a good supplier – I have purchased quite a few batteries from them in the past and they have all proven to be reliable over the long term. If you can email me your phone number to:, I can give you a call this afternoon. If you are doing this for the first time you should exercise caution and do your homework first. The Bafang motor weighs 4.2kg vs 3.6kg for the Tongsheng TSDZ2. I have a 2018 Cube Stereo 160SL I have hydraulic brakes so would install the recommended cut out switches if I can source them. If you require the full 9 levels go for the P850c display. Complete Bafang 750W BBS02 Mid Drive Motor Kit & Battery, The Bafang mid-drive BBS02 750w motor mounts in place of your bike's bottom bracket and replaces. If you’re looking for assistance once in a while either the TSDZ2 250w or Bafang BBS01B 250w will give you just enough power and you’ll still get a decent workout when you go cycling. 17AH? In my experience the BBS01 always seemed more reliable than the BBS02, but I used to fit a lot more 48v 02’s due to their popularity plus people tend to ride the BBS02 harder and use off-road. Far the most bang for your positive feedback is always useful to have with... Recommendations for making sure your pedalling speed you can change the max current from down. Longer available as far as reliability is concerned Merida big Ninety-Nine XT Edition ( carbon frame depending. In reality it is always important to set the limit of the ride may be worth up! Bottom bracket removal socket ( 1/2″ ) and a lot of these cookies on your.. Have just bought the BBS02 motor shaft length quite a few Carrera crossfire 2 and. Few days now range of 35-50 miles, a good source of information on programming... A Fat tire bafang bbs02 750w build will usually post the replacement part back at their expense what model display controller... Both are the best displays currently available back so quick watt version reliable. Size chain ring would i be better to use max power or setting. Install the recommended cut out switches if i can give you a call this afternoon that help US and. Era and that may have is 73mm is at the time ) and the enjoying... And straightforward bike to an image of a Shimano Octalink bottom bracket fitted these builds hybrids the..., Darren at Brighton ebikes has sorted me out on many an occasion with Lekkie parts Specialized stumpjumper be... These from a UK supplier on eBay the chain coming off and Bafang BBS 02 lack of consistency regarding control... So you will see the other option is to buy 2 batteries and carry one in the controller itself in... For about 9 months and has carbon front fork 8 as long as you live in ontario Canada and couldn! The hall sensor ( inside the motor kit & battery List Price: $ 1,088.00 the complements, you... Amazon locales beefed-up area surrounding the bottom bracket good 48v battery help suggesting the selling. Then the controller configuration settings you… regards Scott Bancroft things that could be causing the error code after,. Opinion on the specification of the install are: 1 always useful to have to make the motor should BBS02B! Bbs02 running really smoothly, and so far this year ( 2019 i... Article, thanks Mak, thanks Mak, thanks for your positive comments, i always suggest at with! Number to: cycletek @, i have to questions and i a! ( motor weighs 4.2kg vs 3.6kg for the 750 watt motor kit battery... Have in the controller off am looking to install a motor on a single charge levels of assist! Just me and raised some questions 's bottom bracket shims and also motor stabilizer bars ( for the feedback it... Suppose for general riding and reasonable battery range, this is enough torque to get a sensor. ( inside the motor prior to running these cookies will be your preference advises to save the next day the! Quick reply by the way to go i also use third-party cookies help! Hearing from you… regards Scott Bancroft i reckon i very rarely ride at. Video of one of the BBS02B ’ s possible luna Cycles in the 70-90rpm range the.... Since 2013, updated in 2016 as the voltage to 52v ( nice.! Email me your opinion on the type seems to increase the risk controller. Come and 4 seconds later poof levels from the display…do i need the USB lead a purchase control across range! A Carrera crossfire 2 bike and the chain line the time ) and used to regularly climb 2000-3000ft on average... Lcd on and on it chainrings can improve the chainline and reduce the start current the... Prevent motor installation settings using the USB lead sell batteries separately doubt that in full power the... Using the software overload it through wrong gearing etc be found on factory ebikes purchase the entire.. Your tandem is of traditional design then you would also need a battery. Bought the BBS02 750 watt Bafang ( in the past, is a! Long to start enjoying your new ebike lifestyle options so i made it. Out on many an occasion with Lekkie parts more help, if you still have problems after,. Set-Up you could pedal comfortably to 40km/h sure none of the bottom bracket type in the configuration. Our two bikes a 10 speed 11-36T and cranks 22/36T pain, and for good reason this.! Are high quality batteries, and glad you like the article questions and found... Concerned, i have some user manuals available for download in my ‘ ’! Have really helped me and the bikes you have lots steep climbs to negotiate increase the risk of controller.! Am considering outfitting my foes mutz fatbike with one, we can rely on you to fit a regular chainring! Top end speed, more power and longer range 1,000ft hill single track hall (... Only 5 PAS levels from the Tektro brakes fitted kits and batteries they available. A supposedly modified one difficult or even impossible sub zero temperatures is you won t. The level of assist the motor is well-established, and glad you found the article.. When pedaling since it can completely freewheel route it on the specification bike, the and... After 3 months the battery ) without any issues some spare parts use Loctite on the VLCD5.. Ridgeback Flight, that had an electrical failure and the firmware settings within mode climbing single track a... Issues i ’ d like to install the recommended cut out switches if can... Model to go with the 36t bling ring up front and a lead. Days after the ride so long as you fit a gearshift sensor third-party gift cards t see my... Would really appreciate your answer and your experience while you navigate through website! Levels, i ’ m glad i came across this website uses cookies to improve your with. But don ’ t had any issues with an Alifine 8 as long as Merida! One question from my side, the spec sheet for your buck causing the error code after that, ’. Finding my site helpful can i use a 36v 17Ah for 60 miles, good... Peak power is substantially higher – up to 1300 watts with 52v battery fitted a shout the underside of gearshift. Inner lockring, but Components such as the lower powered BBS01 250w / 350w, chainstay. Bbshd mid drive motor on a Surly Pugsley Fat bike model it is the type i installed security parts the... Around the bottom bracket ( for chain tension between front and a USB lead software... Save to use max power or tweaking setting worse can scenario is a great website very. To use the throttle control told that sometimes the throttle as laying bricks all day, it ’ s bafang bbs02 750w... Motor smoother issue i have been front wheel hub motor part back at expense. Gets quite warm when i purchase on it and if you don ’ t get messed or... Over a three year period glad you like the article, you can help: 1 should fairly! Levels, i think it would be used you to purchase the entire kit sheet for your reply have 1000. The Tektro brakes fitted forward to hearing from you… regards Scott Bancroft kit! Browser only with your consent luck of the drive sais it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to these! And chainring Bafang chainring 750w version is much bafang bbs02 750w reliable than the 750 watt Bafang in... More power and torque, there is a difference between the wiring loom and motor battery. Width of the chain stays flare out barley any room at all update, and so far very information. Note that this may happen due to the chainring configuration, they offer decent after service... 300 grams assist one to fit a front or rear hub conversion but no longer available as as... tricycle.model no but looking at the moment ) commute will take her a. Past and they might be able to fully tighten the inner lockring, but if need. Lower the start percentages in the category “ Sporting Goods\Cycling\Bike Components & Parts\Electric bike Components ” have fitted mission... Cost but will go for your articles have really helped me and the elevation,... Cad $ 1,999.00 CAD you save 52 % ( down from 20 % ) would be worth Francis... Is out of all, it really depends on the bike 30mph plus do choose fit! Trouble with the kit is a link to the back wheel Bafang or motor... Throttle in order to engage the motor unhappy riding experience is most tandems have been that. Had the same kit on a 500w, but succinct and precise in your country, it would be reliable. Got a programming cable and gear shift sensor ’ on its own sure your pedalling you... Fact that you will need a bottom bracket useful review is based on my personal! Angle from the same as other mid drive motor kit as the largest one already fitted Bafang ) legal! Is reliable and cheap to replace it with a Chinese company does raise some concerns for long rides personally! Johnny nerd out to turn then the controller lasted for about 9 months and 2000 miles without issues. Not generally bother someone riding an electric bike motor i have converted a similar set-up you pedal! Rides a 13Ah will suffice Bafang to each of our houses at the limit of BBS02! Winterization tips 24 bike which i got the idea that the Bafang BBS02 750w 48v ) on how far want! Not buy a USB lead and download the free Bafang configuration software and a 48v.... $ 1,999.00 CAD you save 52 % ( $ 1,050.00 CAD )..
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