Wild Viola may be annuals or perennials.Because Viola freely hybridize, however, it is often difficult to identify their species. Flowers on viola plants are often so prolific they can obscure the foliage, and the smaller flowers hold up to rainy winter weather much better than pansies. From a fall planting, violas will typically bloom until early or mid-May. Type: Most violas and pansies are hardy perennials, but they are generally grown as half-hardy annuals or as hardy biennials in the UK. The common name, viola, is also its genus name. Planting and Growing Violas & Pansies. Habit: Low growing plants of a carpeting/clump forming habit. Plant in early autumn or early spring, depending when flowers are required. Viola ‘Bowles Black’ – with velvety black flowers and yellow centres, this is a good ground cover plant and works well in containers and at the front of borders; Viola odorata – an old-fashioned perennial with tiny, strongly scented flowers and semi-evergreen foliage.With a spreading habit, it’s suitable for growing as ground cover under shrubs or in a woodland garden Completely winter hardy in Louisiana, violas are an outstanding choice for beds or containers. Hardiness: Most varieties are hardy in the UK.. Viola is a genus in the Violaceae family and made up of annuals, perennials and subshrubs (very small shrubs) found in temperate climates around the world. Origin: Asia and Europe.
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