Resident Evil Retrospective: Resident Evil Revalations


Resident Evil Revelations is another installment into the Resident Evil series. This game takes place after all of the things Umbrella had done over the years. We meet up with Jill Valentine once again and she is on the case to find out who is behind a few of the incidents that has started once again.


The story begins talking about a floating city that was on the ocean and how it was using everything possible to stay a green city. It was using the sun to generate power for everything. But, some people did not like this city and created a terrorist group called Veltro. This group used biochemical weapons and genetics to destroy the city. They created monsters and used them to unleash terror to people. They were successful in their attacks and the city ended up being destroyed.


This was a very interesting start to the game. To me, since I knew about the series, thought it was interesting to not completely talk about Umbrella. It was a bit refreshing. I did find out that Umbrella was still around but it wasn’t being the one controlling everything that I know, so far.


I played through a few of the chapters to see more of this story. It really started to get interesting about Veltro and how it was destroyed once but is now back again. Learning about the characters in the game is also a really cool thing. We started out with some familiar people and are now learning about the other support characters as well. Learning about their back story and what they have done to get to where they are today is really good.


The game play mechanics are similar to the rest of the series. Use weapons like normal to dispose of enemies, herbs heal, and so on. The difference with this game compared to others in the series is the inventory system isn’t as needy on how much you can carry and not a game of tetris. I am okay with this as it makes life in the game a little easier. They have included an item that helps you throughout the game called the Genesis. This item helps you search for items and to search for cures to certain viruses from enemies you have killed. Upon completing a cure you get an herb or other item from it. This is extremely helpful as items can be scarce.


The story itself carries along really easily. It does move from one location to the next and doesn’t do it in a way where you feel you are lost. It is really nice to see that there are a few stories going on during the game and shows that you are to help meet up with others to figure out the mess at hand.


This is, oddly, one of the first Resident Evil games I actually have played myself. I have seen the others played and have only dabbled with them a few times. I haven’t completely played one yet. I am planning on continuing this game and see where it goes. I actually started to feel a little jumpy and very cautious about where I am going and what is around me, and have started to look everywhere for everything. This series has always intrigued me and I am happy to say that I am enjoying this game. I hope to learn more about Veltro and who is actually behind them.

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