Resident Evil Retrospective: Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 was originally released on January 21, 1998 for the Sony PlayStation and has since seen multiple rereleases on the Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, Nintendo Gamecube, and PC; along with an upcoming remake as confirmed by Yoshiaki Hirabayashi on August 12, 2015.



Resident Evil 2 was notable for having two characters like the original Resident Evil.  However both characters, Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy, had two scenarios.  The scenarios you get for each depended on whom you picked at the start of the game.  Upon beating the game once, you’re given the option to play as the other character in their “B” scenario.  This was a neat feature, and had enough in these second scenarios to feel mostly fresh after playing the first one.



The atmosphere in Resident Evil 2 is one of my favorites in the entire series. Leon and Claire have to travel through the desolate Raccoon City, in an attempt to hopefully find shelter and other survivors among the horrific zombie infested mess.  However, what they uncover on their journeys is yet another plot by the pharmaceutical company, Umbrella and their research on the terrifying G-Virus.



As far as gameplay, Resident Evil 2 didn’t bring much new to the table, but it managed to find a way to be just as terrifying, if not more so than the original Resident Evil.  On top of it being an overall more balanced game, yet still manages to be just as punishing. Resident Evil 2 manages to fulfill bringing out the most of it’s environment and letting the player know that everything has pretty much gone down to the dumps.



Overall, Resident Evil 2 is in my opinion, the pinnacle of the classic Resident Evil games and will always remain a favorite in my books.

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