World of Warcraft: Legion


World of Warcraft Legion has been out for nearly a month now. This expansion holds a lot more to it then the rest that have come out. There is a lot that comes with this expansion along with its iconic story to be told.

Over the years the creators of World of Warcraft have been creating a massive story. This all started back with the Warcraft games itself. These games were just the start. As time went on more and more stories and lore was created. This story is still continuing in the Legion expansion.

Legion brings about one of the biggest armies around. Demons. The Legion have returned in the biggest invasion on Azeroth. This army wants to see all worlds burn in the eyes of Sargeras. Sargeras is a demonic titan and wants to destroy all life and every world. This has been a huge deal for a long time and we are heading into the biggest war against the Legion in a long time.

Other then the story that is brought with the expansion, the expansion itself brings about a lot of new features. These features include, World Quests, Artifact weapons, new zones, new dungeons, new raids, new class, and more. Blizzard wanted to bring everything that everyone has wanted for a long time to the game. The major part of this is the Artifact weapons.

Artifact weapons have been an iconic part of the game for major characters. Like many other stories, there are always those types of weapons people wanted to wield for a long time. Blizzard decided that having artifact weapons for every class and specialization would make this expansion and lore more iconic for everyone. We get to learn about these weapons and get to power them up with more abilities. As the lore continues we get to learn more about the weapons and learn a lot more about the origins of the world itself and everything else around it.

World Quests is a new way to have something to do everyday. These quests reset nearly daily and show up on the map for people to do and see what they can get from them. They also provide reputation for the people that want you to do the quest for.

More things are to come to the game. Blizzard has stated that they want to keep putting out more content throughout this expansion and keep telling the story that exists. I think this is a fantastic change and it has started to show.

For myself I was pretty skeptical about this expansion when it was first revealed. I felt it was a farcry to bring people back to the game with all of the things people have wanted since the first expansion. After I started playing this game I have found that I am really enjoying it. I haven’t been able to put it down for several days because I feel there is a lot more to do in this expansion and more to offer as I play. Other expansions felt a little lackluster then this one. I hope this continues.

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