Hyrule Warriors Legends

Hyrule Warriors Legends came out on March 25th 2016. This game can be considered a remake of the Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U and had more content added for the 3DS version.  This game is based off the Dynasty Warriors franchise and is a basic hack and slash game. It has hours and hours of gameplay and plenty to do with new content.

Some of the new content is as follows:

  • My Fairy – This is a new portion to the game where you can collect fairies that can help you in battle. You can get clothing items, train them, give them food to increase their stats, and more.
  • New Characters – Some new characters have been added to this game, Linkle, Toon Link,Tetra, and Kin Daphnes. There are more coming with the new DLC.
  • New stories for the new Characters. The new characters brought more story to the game itself.

These are but a few of the new content that is in this game. It adds a lot more to the game from its original, but the original is also getting the new DLC and if you purchase the 3DS version you can get the new characters that came with the game for the Wii U version. 


The 3DS version has all of the content from the original and its DLC. The difference about it is that the adventure mode has more of the unlocks for characters, story, DLC, and other content for the game itself. This game runs fairly well on both 3DS and New 3DS. 

The main story is still the same as the Hyrule Warriors story and so is the Adventure mode. But both bring new stories and new content, especially the My Fairy items and fairies. They did take out the Challenge Mode from the 3DS version, but there could be hope that they add it in later. I feel that this game is very good and strong for its title.

So far I am enjoying this game a lot and highly recommend buying it if you like either the Zelda series or the Dynasty Warriors series. There is plenty more content coming this year in four packs of DLC. This game is jam packed with content and story and I cannot wait to see the new stories that they bring to this game. It really is worth playing. I do hope that others enjoy this game and plan to pick it up. I will post more about the DLC as it comes up.

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