LaaG News – October

Hey there everyone. I wanted to make a quick news post about LaaG and the website.

  • First things first. I want to explain that we have been a bit slow on creating content and want to say that we are sorry for this. A lot of us have been quite busy with the real world and haven’t had enough time to create much for content. But, I promise you this, we are still planning on creating as much content as possible each month. More things will come and we are always happy if more people want to help. Things can get rocky from time to time, but we don’t require everyone to do things if they don’t have time due to being an adult or anything else. Also, we do put out random information and content on our Facebook page. That can be found here: We do add some content daily of things we find. So stay tuned, we will have plenty more content coming.
  • Secondly, we have started doing weekly game events with our friends and small community. We wanted to get back into doing something fun each week, if possible. These events are mostly on Sunday nights. We haven’t started streaming them, like we use to, but plan on bringing that back. There has been a great turn out for our events and for our event this week, we decided to do a poll. The poll can be found here: The winning game will be played this Sunday, and the losing game will be the following week. We also have created a weekly site that updates with information. This is a very simple site and will be turned into something a bit better when we have time to code. Here is that link as well: 
  • And lastly, we have been testing our discord. This is a new program that basically took Skype and Teamspeak, and stuck them together. It is something we may start using depending on how we feel about it. We will still use Teamspeak and Skype for now, and if we decide to move to a new system we will let everyone know and help everyone with that move.

That is about all of the news I have so far. I know we are a bit slower with somethings around the website, but we are doing everything we can to keep things moving forward. We are still very new to everything we do around here and want to keep working on being better and just bringing as much content to everyone as possible, and also have as much fun as possible. Stay tuned as we will have plenty more coming very soon. 🙂

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