Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Arenanet announced that an expansion is coming out. This expansion is going to add a lot more content and new locations. Guild Wars 2 has seen a lot of content and has been pushing for more story around other parts of the world. New areas, new monsters, a new character class, and much more. This expansion is in pre-purchase mode and is on its way out sometime this year.

Guild Wars 2 has been expanding its content for a long time and has been wanting to push more story to all of the players. The story has been fantastic and seeing the world change around you is quite amazing. Up to the expansion, the story took us to a new location. This location is leading us deeper into a very dangerous area and leading to a an old enemy for everyone. This dragon has been sleeping for a very long time and its about time for it to come say hi to everyone. Previously, the story showed us the awaking of this dragon and had an enemy that wanted to release its magic to the world. So much more to come and it has only begun.

The game itself has been changing for the new expansion and has been helping players get accustomed to the new ways to get your skills for your character, new items, and new looks. Lion’s Arch was finally rebuilt and has had some new achievements to go for. The new Lion’s Arch looks amazing and has been updated to help filter players into different areas of the map. There are even more NPCs with more ways to spend currency. There is lots to do still and many more updates are coming to the game. I cannot wait for this expansion and the new updates.

That is all of the news from the Guild Wars 2 area and more will come soon. Stay tuned for even more news about this glorious game.

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