Presentable Liberty

With the increasing accessibility to game-creation programs and the internet as a distribution mechanism, there has been a recent influx of independent games, some of which have received well-deserved praise. Presentable Liberty is one such PC game available for free download at GameJolt. It  is classified as a horror-indie game and I’m often hesitant to classify small games like this as ‘horror’ as it implies it can provoke strong emotions, but I’m not going to lie, I may have had a tiny emotional breakdown after I finished.


Presentable Liberty is very short and simple in terms of length, gameplay and graphics but we all know a game doesn’t have to be a Triple-A length game with realistic explosions left, right and center to leave an impression. The gameplay is simple in that you can move around to look at and interact with a few items such as opening letters. Presentable Liberty’s  graphics can easily be likened to Minecraft in its blocky simplicity but is still able to convey every detail that it needs to. The real strength of Presentable Liberty is its story and how it’s told.

You’re a person with no name or backstory given, waking up in a tiny room that looks suspiciously like a prison cell and the way the story is told is through letters addressed to you from a small cast of characters. The letters do well to explain both your immediate situation as well as paint the increasingly unsettling picture of the outside world. Presentable Liberty does a good job of maintaining a connection to these characters despite never seeing any of them and more likely than not, you will feel increasingly concerned for their well-being. The game also does well emphasizing your isolation as the only sounds you hear are that of the ticking clock and mundane mini-games that you can only try to pass the time with, just waiting to hear from anyone.

The game is short, about an hour or two, as it only spans five in-game days and there aren’t any puzzles or obstacles to get stuck on or overcome which may seem bland however, Presentable Liberty delivers an intense experience with its atmospheric storytelling and most definitely deserves a look at.

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