January News

Hello everyone. I wanted to give a small news report of what has been going on this month. This month has been great so far, but a few things have been in the works to make everything look and feel more like home. I am working hard to try and keep things updated and fresh for everyone. I also want the website to reflect on what it is we do in terms of our content creation. Currently, the website doesn’t show it well that we create gaming related articles. It’s a small change to add in, but it’s something that will help make us stand out a bit more. More things will come to help create the stir we are looking for.


I have been working on a few projects to make things functionally better for our website and for some of our events.

These projects include:

  • Updated Forum System
    • I have implemented a new forum system with a better software solution. The software solution is phpBB. (For those that know about forums.)
    • I have worked on making it easier to log in and out for both the site and forum at the same time for this new software.
    • All users and all posts have been migrated to the new forum and are ready for use.
  • Dual login system
    • There is a new login system that has been added to help make it easier to log in to the website and forums with one login.
    • I will post an FAQ on the website and forums of how this works and where to login for this to work.
  • New podcast section
    • This is still being worked on but it is in place for testing and for the new podcasts that we will be doing for the website.
    • Hopefully it is a simple solution to allow users to listen to the podcast straight from the website.
  • New ideas for our Anime Night project
    • Anime night was taken down from the event list due to work scheduling. A new schedule and system is being designed and updated.
    • A new site location for the Anime night event will be created.
    • Anime night will be reformatted to have a variety of shows playing and some other aspects to help appeal to as many people possible.
    • Anime night’s name and schedule is still being worked on but is in the process of a change.
  • User groups and community section of website changes
    • I will be working on integrating all of the user groups, user information, and anything else possible into a simple system to allow a better look and feel for users.
    • User groups will also be integrated better with the forum software so that the rankings on the forums are reflected properly for all user groups.
    • This project will take some time and will be one that is monitored for awhile to make sure things work properly.
  • New look and feel for the website
    • The website doesn’t quite reflect very well of what we do, this is something that is in the works of changing just a little bit to make it look and feel on what we do around the site a bit better.
    • New logo is in the works of being created and added to the website, this has already happened to our Facebook page.
  • Streaming events
    • We have started looking at some streaming events for February.
    • One of the events is the Facebook page getting to 100 likes.
      • More events will be announced during this stream.

That is about it for the news for this month. I will work on making a news update at least once a month with details about what upcoming events we have and what new projects have been worked on. But for now, this is the list of what we have worked on and hope to see more new faces around the website. 

Thank you all for the continued support.

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