The New Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has always been one of the companies that creates new hardware for all of their games. They put out information last fall that they are making a New Nintendo 3DS and it is suppose to have a bit better hardware then the current generation of 3DS. They are also including a c stick for controls. They wanted to make the games run smoother and better with newer hardware and also create newer games that can utilize the new hardware. This is a great step forward for the handheld consoles because it will allow the gamers to play even better looking games where ever they go.


This week there is a Nintendo Direct and it is speculated that they will talk about the New Nintendo 3DS release for the Americas. Other countries will probably also be announced as well. I do like the way Nintendo is handling this new handheld console for the gaming market. As usual they only released this console to select areas for awhile to see if it would catch on and to see how well it can profit from it. The 3DS already has a very good collection of games and even more coming this year. 

Nintendo has been really good about keeping up to date with their product to allow future developments to continue. This New Nintendo 3DS is surely going to be something that will replace the outdated 3DS handheld that is currently out. But, they will still create as many games as possible for both consoles.

I hope to get one of these New Nintendo 3DS as soon as I can but may wait until an XL version is created. Seeing the games on a small screen is not terrible, I just like the comfort of a bigger screen. 

What do you think about the New Nintendo 3DS? (Leave a comment below about your thoughts.)

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