LaaG’s December News!

Hey there everyone. I wanted to share the news of LaaG for this month to all of you.


This month, as many would know, have been a bit slower then normal. Here at LaaG, we have been very busy with real life and holiday planning. So our website has been a little low on the articles for the past couple of weeks. We plan to have many new articles come in next week and the start of next year. It may be a bit slow until we get into January but we are going to be busting down the door and opening up everything for all of you.


Some of these things that we have planned also include our YouTube series. As most of you know, Ruby and I, Bertshet, have started a Minecraft series. I haven’t been able to find time to edit because it does take a dedicated few hours to do. I am looking for better ways to record and edit, so that the time is shortened to allow me to be able to upload these videos. We also have loads of ideas for our articles and continuation of the few we have started. We also have a podcast series that we are planning to start, and hopefully will be able to do this upcoming weekend.


We are also always looking for ways to expand. This means, that we are always willing to have others be included to create articles or any type of gaming related content. If you want more information about this or have any ideas, please let me, Bertshet, know. We are always looking for more people to help contribute and help the website grow.


One of the other plans that is going to be started is the marketing plan. This means that we are going to start looking for ways to help get us noticed by others and to allow more people to join in the fun that we have around here. We are working with some friends to help advertise and market our website.


Other things may also be changing a bit around the website. I have been planning to change the look and feel a little bit to make it more homely for us. I have also been wanting to use some other type of software for our forums, but this takes time to setup and convert everything for everyone. These are just little things that I’ve been wanting to do.


That’s all for our news for this month. We want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and to enjoy their time off.

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