The Sims 4: The Story of Trinity Everett: Part 2

The last time we were with Trinity she was unemployed and trying to find out what she wanted to do with her life. After a quick change of clothes and a nice bubble bath she discovered that she was interested in the musical arts and took up playing the violin. She started of playing home alone and then quickly moved to playing for tips at bars. She wasn’t very good so she quickly became bored and moved to something that peaked her interest a little more, painting. 

After a painting, or two, Trinity discovered she was actually pretty good! This quickly became what she wanted to do. She got a job working as a painter. As she worked up on the career ladder, her paintings got better and better. A lot of her paintings were inspired based on her feelings at the time, but with her having the hot-headed trait, they often were created out of anger. Although they were angry pictures, they weren’t too bad and she thought instead of selling them to a collector or the art gallery, she should just keep them and display hem in her house.


Trinity does take her much needed breaks at the local bar in town. She is trying not to be a public enemy to everyone and so far it has been working. She met a very nice older man, Terrance. They had a lot in common and the best part is he was older and he wasn’t married! After the first date, Trinity knew that this is the man she wanted to woo-hoo! They had a few drinks and then headed back to her place. 

She showed him all of her paintings and she even played a song or two for him on the violin. One thing lead to another and they were under the covers in the passion of woo-hoo! Trinity knew that Terrance would be the perfect booty call and she knew that they has to become best friends. The minutes turned into hours and it was about time for Terrance to head home. He decided to let his new found love sleep and then call her later.

He rolled out of bed and then clinched his heart. What was this?? Heart attack?? Within moments, Terrance was passed out on the floor and one of Trinity’s past love interests showed up, the Grim Reaper. Trinity slept through the entire thing. She didn’t realize what had happened until the morning. She did what any normal Sim would do, mourn the loss of their loved one and then released him into the world in hopes that their paths may cross again. Several days later, Trinity started feeling a little under the weather. Because she was worried about being pregnant she took a pregnancy test (yes that’s how you find out if your Sim is pregnant in Sims 4). It was positive! For a Sim who hates children and just lost her new love she is in for a crazy next few months!!




Because they are pretty nifty looking here are some of Trinity’s paintings 🙂

    <– Created out of anger

     <– Some of her masterpieces and yes masterpieces. When given the option she kept them 🙂

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