World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Review: Part 1

Today I am going to be talking about how the launch of the expansion went and how well the quality of leveling to 100 was and how well Blizzard worked out the issues from the beginning. There were struggles and then there was glory for the players. This expansion has a lot to offer.


Blizzard launched this expansion on November 13th, 2014. This is an iconic expansion because we, the players, are going back in time to an alternate world of Draenor and get to experience the changes that Garrosh has inflicted upon this world and the warlords.

The launch was very successful, so successful that the expectations that Blizzard had with how many subscribers would come back was shattered because they experienced even more subscribers coming back then they previously gathered data on. What this means is that they had anticipated the servers to be under a bit of heavy load, but did not expect that the heavy load would turn into a waterfall of players coming back for this amazing expansion.

The first week was very rough for everyone, including Blizzard. Blizzard was on a 24/7 server watch to make sure players were able to login and enjoy the game. This was a rough start and Blizzard saw that immediately. It took Blizzard no time to change a few server settings due to a DDoS attack and to start a plan of action to upgrade the servers that weekend. This meant that the servers did go into maintenance a couple of times throughout the first week. This isn’t an uncommon issue when you have an influx of subscribers attempting to all play at once.

Of course the players were mad about this and were very irate about it. All of the players wanted to play this expansion. Which makes sense as to why they were mad. I knew, myself, that the servers were going to be under a heavy load, and also knew that there were going to be queue times. Its always hard to judge this things when an influx of subscribers comes out of the woodworks, hence why Blizzard took the time to be in the shop all week to view the incoming data live and to create a plan of action really quickly.

Overall, the launch was rocky but did pan out and everything was better. It took some time for the adjustments to happen to help make people feel better about the situation. Blizzard also gave some free time to all of the active subscribers because of the launch issues. The launch was a huge success and everyone was enjoying the game once everything panned out.


Leveling in World of Warcraft hasn’t changed much, but with this expansion there were some new added features to help out leveling. Some of these features may be similar to some other games that have been around for awhile and that is okay with creating a fun way to level.

The new features that were added for leveling may not have been big changes to the game. The few notable changes that were made to help leveling is that there are rare monsters everywhere for anyone to help kill and that there is some areas of the map that have bonus objectives to help make it feel that a battle sort of needed to be cleared up for the section of land or what not. These two added features really helped making leveling more enjoyable and also help the exploration part of the world.

Exploration was a huge factor in this expansion. It paid to explore the world of Draenor, and Blizzard really wanted to make sure that it was possible to get something out of exploring. This also meant that leveling was sped up a bit because the player was finding more quests, bonus objectives, and rare monsters to kill. Not everyone liked how quickly it was to level to 100 because of this, but it was a change of pace that Blizzard wanted to start using.

Leveling in MMOs can be a drag, and Blizzard knows that from all of the time they have spent creating these expansions. Blizzard wanted to move away from how long it could take to level and to help those who wanted to explore the world. Blizzard did a fantastic job with this leveling system for this new expansion and really shows that they value the idea that a lot of the player-base are now grown up and have a lot going on. These changes were to help people be able to see all of the content and to learn about what the warlords had planned.

From my perspective of leveling, I did feel it to be short and that is okay. It never felt like a grind to get to see all of the content and level to 100. This game needed this small change to keep people from wanting to stop leveling because of the grind or how long it took from one level to the next. There is plenty to do from 90 to 100 and even at 100 there is a lot of things the players can do or work on. We will be talking more about those in the next part of this review.

Conclusion of launch and leveling

The launch and leveling of this game was fantastic. In the eyes of many this was a very good way to start this game. The other players may think that these two aspects were not the greatest for this game. Everyone does have there opinions on the matter and I feel that they are correct as much as mine is. This review is from my perspective of the game and I know many may not see things the same way. And I do understand why they may think so. But, everything so far for this game has been really great for me and I am really enjoying this game. I believe this expansion is worth the money and time spent.

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