The Sims 4: The Story of Trinity Everett: Part 1

So before the story can begin I need to tell you a little bit about Trinity’s personality. She is a tall and very athletic built female who has many  different personality traits that do not normally make up a regular Sim. 

Her lifetime aspiration is to become a Public Enemy. She is a speed reader who hates  children, who is hot-headed, and is noncommittal. She lives by herself in the small town  of Willow Creek. She was apart of the criminal career branch but being noncommittal,  she got bored with her job and  quit. Working never was Trinity’s thing anyways. She  never needed  the money (she inherited her grandfather’s fortune when he passed away  several years  ago). I think the one reason why Trinity worked is to meet new people to torture. 

In her free time she jogged around the parks, went to the gym, and went to the neighborhood lounge. During her times away from home is where we met her boyfriend, Dan Valdez. Their relationship started off like any other, he saw her in the gym, and she saw him trying not to kill himself by lifting the weights in the mirror. From that moment on, they knew that they needed to woo-hoo.It started off simple, a rose after a vigorous gym outing, and then a small, sweaty kiss after a round of kickboxing. Because Trinity worked nights, when she was apart of the criminal branch, they rarely saw each other, but she wants to meed up with him again and woo-hoo all night.

Trinity loves the outdoors, almost as much as working out. Taking a delightful jog through the cherry blossom trees, and meeting new people, and this is where Trinity meets her new love interest. She was playing a game of chess with a local in the park and then suddenly a person who was watching the game dies. Once  the man dropped down dead, he showed up…the Grim Reaper. This is when her Public Enemy aspiration really came into play.

Who is one of the most hated people in Willow Creek? The Grim Reaper. He comes to take away your loved ones before you even know it is coming and, in most cases, there is nothing you can do about it. When he sowed up to take the soul of the fallen neighbor, Trinity knew it was love at first sight. They began flirting, played a small game of chess, made out behind the cherry blossom trees, and he even gave her a rose. When she knew it couldn’t get any better, he had to leave her. Completely heartbroken that her new love left her, Trinity moved on to tormenting the locals that were also enjoying the beautiful day in the park. 

Trinity loves playing pranks on some of her neighbors that she ran into during her jogs in the park. Her favorite prank is shocking them with the hand buzzer. She begins by being nice and welcoming by sicking her hand out for a friendly handshake and the BAM! This prank is usually followed by a loud cackling laugh and a follow-up joke (usually asking a female when is her due date, when she is not pregnant). 

After a nice jog through the park she cools down at the neighborhood lounge. Although it is a nice place to unwind and relax, Trinity find herself wanting to pick fights with everyone that she meets. He hot-headed traits means that anything can make her mad…I mean anything. One afternoon she was enjoying a nice beverage and a neighbor asked her how her day was and if could join her for a drink. She took offense to that and threw her drink into his face. It wouldn’t have been so bad but that day she was cooling down with a red cherry slushie. That will teach him not to be nice to someone who just wants to relax and be alone.

Trinity is starting to turn a new page in her life. She is currently unemployed, which leaves her more time to try to make things better with Dan and hopefully get the change to woo-hoo with him, she has also determined that her aspiration of being a Public Enemy has become too boring for her, although she still finds herself wanted to be a little mischievous at times. Maybe she will discover her new aspiration is in personal training or even in the musical arts. Who knows. All we know is that this Sim is a crazy bitch and very entertaining to be around.

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