World Of Warcraft Expansion

I wanted to make a small post about the upcoming expansion for World Of Warcraft.

This week, on 11/13/2014, the newest expansion from Blizzard for World of Warcraft launches and will be available for everyone to play. The content within the expansion is taking us back to the old world of Draenor. We are meeting up with some old lore that was in the Warcraft games. The level cap has been raised to 100, several new areas to explore, new raids and dungeons, and a new system called Garrisons.

I, myself, will be playing throughout Thursday and some of Friday with this new expansion and hope to show off some of the gameplay itself. I may even stream the gameplay from my perspective.

For now, that is all I have about the new expansion. I just wanted to give some heads up about it and what to expect from it. I will do a more detailed review about this expansion once I get through some of the content.

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