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Hello everyone. I wanted to make an update for all of you and explain a few things that have been going on.

There has been a bit of some happenings in the last couple of months that haven’t been all that favorable for LaaG. That doesn’t mean we are not working on adjusting anything I will explain a bit more about that further down. We have hit a bit of a speed bump and are addressing those issues as they come. With all things that can happen in a community there are always ups and downs. A few weeks ago we hit a pretty big low that is currently being worked on. But I am here to talk about the positive side as we move forward.

Tasogareken and I(Bertshet) have been talking with a few friends and have been working on getting back on our horse and working on many projects of content for our community and website. That means we have found our bearings and are ready to produce the content that we missed out on doing months ago. We have also updated a few pages and that includes our About Us page. It now includes the proper information that explains what we want to accomplish and has our mission stated.

“Our mission is to create gaming related content for people to read, watch, and listen to. Our primary goals are to create content and to create a spot for people to come and socialize with us. We wanted to make a social hub for all of our friends and fans. This primary goal is meant to create the stir around the gaming content we provide and to show support for all types of content that we can produce. Our secondary goal is to work on small gaming related events and to have some small fan-like services available for everyone to enjoy.”

We wanted to make this a bit more clear for everyone. I have recently posted a bit on our skype chat as to what this means for our community.

“We are underway to going back to our basics which means we are a content creating community that we wanted to build upon. It needs a bit of love and we are working on fixing our about us page to reflect this information properly.

We are a community of gamers but we are not striving to build a strict gaming community. That doesn’t mean we don’t play games with others. That means we are more focused on wanting to create content for people to enjoy that are about video games. The basics of this are, podcasts, multiple types of articles, livestreams, video created content, and much more. We have the services available so that we can socialize with our friends and play games at our leisure.”

This is a direct quote from me from our skype group. This is pretty simple and pretty basic. We want to be more of a socialized group with our friends and fans. We are aiming to producing more gaming related content for our website and hope to share that with everyone of the same interest. We have a lot of plans for several types of content and a lot of that is underway.

We hope this helps explains a bit more about what we are planning for our community and what LaaG is really about. Anyone can ask Tasogareken and I questions about this and we can explain in more detail if needed.

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