LaaG News Friday

Today we will talk about a few things that has happened in the last couple of weeks. This is the News Friday special.


Starting from last week, we start our month with come new articles and have been continuing forward with such. We are planning to go forward with having two articles a week. It has been a bit of a rough start but with anything we will continue to get the hang of this new format. Currently, dome of our writers had some real life events happen so they are concentrating on that for the time being.

Our weekly events kicked off last week with some Diablo 3 on Wednesday night and continued with our Garry’s Mod Friday events. Both events went off great and everyone had a blast. Saturday was taken off last week so that Aiir and I could work on getting the Minecraft server running. We spent all of Saturday and some of Sunday morning to get that working. We now have that running and have just a few things to fix up for the ranks. Nothing major, just some small changes.

This week we had our Wednesday weekly Facebook and Twitter LaaG news go out by Ruby. She posted about our Minecraft server and our events that have happened. Our Anime night has gotten through the rest of the section of One Piece and we will start our next series next Wednesday. And onto today. We are having our weekly event playing card based games. Wilco and I had some time to look at a few things for card games that we can all play together. Some of which are, Cards against Humanity, Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone, and more.

This weekend we will be playing some Sandbox games on Saturday and then playing some type of MMO game on Sunday. On Sunday we also have our monthly meeting. This is for everyone in the community. So please come join us at 7pm CST for our meeting. 

This month we also have a tournament in pokemon. Its something new we want to try out. Its more or less a season of Pokemon. Here is the link to the signup and info page: Pokemon Signup


This is all of the news for today, and look forward to more information about games and about Life as a Gamer.

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