First Look: Bravely Default

Bravely Default is one of the newest JRPGs to come out this year and has been selling quite well. I wanted to share my first impressions of the game since I have had it.


Bravely Default takes its roots from the earlier versions of RPGs. The big points the game chose from these roots are the combat style, overworld style map, and job system and party. These are amongst the common elements that most RPGs follow. However, Bravely Default may use these as a base for these elements they actually added a few things to these elements to make it so much different then they appear.



The Combat Style: 

The combat in the game is the standard turn based system. You get plenty of time to choose your attacks throughout the encounter. The big things that are different about the combat system is its Brave and Default commands. 

The Brave command allows you to chain attacks with one of the party members, this can be used with everyone. You have what is called Brave Points. These points help determine how many extra actions you can use. The upside to doing this is that you can do upwards of four commands within brave. The downside is if you use to many brave points and go into the negative Brave Point section you can have that party member on wait for a turn or more. This allows you to really dig deep to be brave with your commands or to use a single command at a time. 

The Default command is the opposite of Brave. This command allows the party member to take a defensive stance, which reduces damage taken for that time, and earn a Brave point for that turn. This allows you to build up those Brave points so you can use the Brave command. You can only build up to 3 Brave Points for the maximum of 4 commands. 


The Overworld:

The overworld is like the standard RPG map where you can wander around in. This map shows your party and places where you can go. After the first part of the game you do gain some transportation to take you all over the world. The world is vast and beautiful. On the lower half of the 3DS it shows the map and shows where your main quest is to go. On the top it shows you, the player, where you are standing. The scenery is beautiful. Really the whole art style of the game is just stunning. 


The Job system and Party:

The Job system is your typical job system. There are 24 different jobs to earn and use for your party. You can Job Points throughout encounters to level up the job that the party member may be in. Each job has its purpose, such as the White Mage has healing abilities. Jobs can be changed out through the menu and are pretty easy to understand. This also changes the appearance of your party member to help you remember what Job they were in. Each job had its own Job command but what is unique about this is that you can give a party member a second job command, such as having Black Magic with a White Mage. This allows some mix and matching for your party and allows them to be as offensive or defensive as you would like. 


So far I have been enjoying this game and plan to work through it and see all of the amazing things the game has to offer. Sadly, I have only been able to play a couple of hours so far. Look for the full review of the game next month.

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