Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and to explain some goals that we have for Life as a Gamer this year.


Our goals this year are quite simple really. I will be splitting this up into two sections. The Website section and the Community section. There may be a few goals that are for both but they are important. So, onto our goals for 2014.


Our goals for the Website portion is as follows:

  • I first want us to have more consistent articles for each month. What this means is more content for everyone to read/watch for there enjoyment and for research purposes for games.
  • Some of the other features we have on the website are for both sections, including the community section. These features are the stream page and forums. What I want to accomplish is to have more people active on the forums, this doesn’t mean like 100 people i merely just want more activity in general. I also want more streaming to happen for the website, this will be covered more in the community goals section.

There really isn’t a whole lot for the website goals mainly because all of it is part of the community section as well. It seems small, but its rather simple for us.

Our goals for the Community portion is as follows:

  • For the community that we have, I want to be able to have more weekly events. This will happen more so, because my work schedule is now in its part time scheduling that was mentioned a long time ago. This means that I will be around more often to make sure these events are planned and active. It will be slow for awhile but that is okay. I want our community to grow and have more people playing similar games with us each week.
  • For all of these events, I want to also stream them as much as possible. This will be streamed to twitch and onto our website. This is to help show how much fun we have and what we all do on a weekly basis for events.
  • The forums is a place where we can gather around and post about anything really. Post about your favorite screenshots, or talk about future games. My hope is to bring people to the website so we can talk about other topics that we don’t talk about on a daily basis. Or show ideas about what we would love to see in future games and speculate how those ideas could work. Its over all just a place to have some fun and talk with others about any topic.


Our goals are pretty simple this year and are quite doable. I hope everyone takes some time out to create an account and enjoy all of the features we have so far. There will be some updating around the website to make it more streamlined and more feature packed. I also hope you all like the layout and features we have to offer. If there is anything you would like to suggest for the website or anything in general, you can do that over at the forums under the suggestion section. 

Again, we want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope the best for everyone. Enjoy today!

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