The Update(s)!

I wanted to post about the current state of the updates on our website. 

  • The Forums page has been updated to what will be the page we use to access the forums.
  • The Stream page has been added and updated to show two tabs of streams that we will regularly stream on.
  • The Old forums are in maintenance mode so that we can move everyone to the new system.
  • The About Us page is currently unavailable while I update this to look much better in the format.

The New forums are open! What does this mean?

This means that anyone, who hasn’t already, needs to create a login for the site itself. This will allow you access to the forums. This means that we now have a system for a single login for the entire site. Neat!

This also means that all of the old content is currently not on the forums. That’s okay. We get to start over and create better content.


So that about raps this up. The new site is looking much better. If you do have any suggestions, you can post those in the forums about the website. I will continue to update everything to best of my knowledge and will make this site look great!

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