Bert’s Marathon

Bertshet’s Marathon:


This marathon is to show the people that others do care about a lot of people. What this means. I am doing a marathon that will show support to those people who have helped, not only me, but others. I wanted to do something special. I made up a donation system to help with this. The donations were to help me out with some untimely issues. The donations also determined the amount of time I would stream for the marathon I am holding. With the current total that I believe I will have for donations, I will be streaming just over 37 hours. If I get more donations, it will go up from there.


The date/time:

August 31st at Noon, 12:00pm CST.


What will be streamed?

First some Guild Wars 2. Then, I hope to have help from the community on what games to play.


Where will this be streamed?



This may be subject to change due to any upcoming, possible, work related stuff. This is still going to be the date, but it may change if a job option presents itself.

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