A Hacker’s Tale, part 3

And we’re back! I apologize for missing a week, hopefully it won’t happen again. Jumping right back into the thick of things, though, we last left off as I was heading into the Science sector. I had just witnessed my first apparition, and I’ve got a bad feeling…

OH MY GOD, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT. They just immediately charged at me as soon as I opened the doors to the science sector. Okay, so I KNOW it’s called a ‘hybrid,’ thanks to the handy little popup at the top of the screen, but WHAT IS IT. I almost forget that I have weapon, then I snap out of it and slam the hefty wrench down on the closest abomination’s skull. It’s a frantic fight, and I do get injured, but soon they’re in a crumpled heap. The last one gurgled out something that sounded disturbingly similar to ‘kill me’ when I landed the final blow. What the hell have I actually gotten myself into.

I loot the bodies, finding some ‘unresearched objects.’ I’ll hang onto these until I can research them. Ooooh, what’s this? A locked crate that I can hack open? Some nanites await me, not really worth it but it’s nice to get into the habit of hacking. Close by, I find a terminal that I can hack to disable the security system for a while. Finally, putting my talents to good use. A timer shows up at the bottom of my screen, counting down how long the security will be out of commission. That’s useful. I move out into the hallway, looking for more rooms to loot.

The yelling lady comes up in my comms again. She starts talking about a computer named Xerxes, and how he’s shut down the main power. I can apparently try to reroute the power from the engine room, but it won’t bring the elevators back online. A door opens up, but I don’t really want to go in yet. I like exploring as much as possible first. I turn back the way I came and head down another corridor. The door opens, and I’m met with a rather disturbing sight.

Oh dear lord. That’s a rather terrible demise. I can’t feel too bad for long, though. I hear the ghastly moaning of a hybrid in the room right next to the poor man’s suicide spot. I hug the wall near it, and I ready my wrench. I don’t think the hybrid even knows I’m here. He shambles out into the room, and clock him twice in the back of the head. Falls to the floor, a sickening guttural sound escaping his mouth. I venture slowly into the room he came out of, finding it to be a morgue apparently. A few corpses in bodybags line the room, one just ready to be cremated. Oddly enough, I can loot them and find some medicinal hypos on them. I go back to the suicide victim’s room and look around. On the far side is a quantum bio-reconstruction machine, which the yelling lady tells me will rebuild my body if I die. My, that’s extremely useful. And convenient. I activate it before heading back out into the hallway.

Okay, so that little encounter really put me on edge. It also strengthened my resolve to find out what happened here. I need to survive, of course, but more than that I need to understand just what went so horribly wrong. I picked up an audio log from the morgue. The guy on there talks about seeing someone he knew on the ship that looked extremely sick. The guy refused to go get checked out though. Could that be a starting point? I wander back the way I came, ignoring the elevator for now and I stumble into a chemical storeroom. Voice-Lady tells me I can use these to assist in researching, but that it would be pointless to just lug it all around with me. Good to know. Also, another corpse is on the floor. I loot him and find a pistol! I can try to take down these bastards from a distance now.

I leave the room and head down a bit farther and sure enough I hear a scream and the horrible multi-voice of another hybrid. I stick with my wrench for now, two times in the head and he’s down. The poor sap that he took apart had some armor-piercing rounds, so it wasn’t a complete loss. The next room worries me a bit. Big, open, empty. It smells like a trap, but I head on in anyway. The lights dim, a computerized voice introducing itself as Xerxes comes on warning me against using weapons on the Von Braun, and two doors with deactivated turrets open up. I wonder if the security system still being offline has anything to do with that… I loot the body that fell in there, and get the hell out. Best not to tempt fate too much.

I make the trek, again, back to the non-functioning elevators. I (AGAIN) move past them to go down another unexplored passage. I’m ambushed by a hybrid. It startles me but it goes down just as easy as any other. I loot it’s body, finding nothing, then loot a non-hybrid corpse nearby and finding research software! Now to find out how to use it. Before that, though, I head into the lab that the hybrid ran out of to ambush me. The lights dim, I hear glass breaking. Then I hear… a monkey? What? I cautiously go around the corner and sure enough what looks to be a little zombie monkey runs up and starts attacking my legs. He goes down easily, but still. A MONKEY?!

I think that’s about enough for one entry. And I’m pretty sure there’s a writing convention that states that if you can end on a zombie monkey, you absolutely should. So, until next time, may your own adventures be monkey-free.

To be continued

— Brandon

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