A Hacker’s Tale, part 2

I last left off waking up aboard the Von Braun, having orders barked at me by a rather unpleasant mystery woman. I managed to find a wrench to use as a makeshift weapon, and I’m about to take my first steps outside of my ex-prison…

More explosions, and the lady yelling again. Aside from the explosions, this is a rather bland corridor, downright serene compared to the blood splatters and corpse from the cryo-room. She blathers on about something or other. I’m getting rather used to tuning her out already. Wait, did she just say something about being sucked out into space? Oh. Um. I should probably get to an airlock. Perhaps, I should also work on NOT tuning her out… Nah.

I move onto the next room, safely NOT sucked into the nothingness of space. I soon find another unlucky soul, this time with bullet-holes in the wall behind him. Poor bastard. He had a voice-message on him, which I promptly pick up and listen to. It sounds like some sort of log, either personal or professional. He talks about how he had to change the security code for a forgetful crew member. I look around and sure enough find the keypad the dead man was referring to. I enter the code and the door opens. Then I hear screaming.

A woman screaming, to be more precise. I look out the window (unbreakable glass, naturally) and see a horrifically maimed man chasing her. He pulls out a shotgun and in one shot puts the poor woman down. I look down the hallway that she ran and I can barely make out a pool of blood around her body. I’m immediately very nervous of my surroundings. Where the hell did that thing come from, and are there more? After a moment, I shake it off and head into a smallish vent on the floor. It gives out from underneath me after a short while, and I land in another locked room. I spot another wrench, useless to me, and a dead battery next to the power supply. A recharge station is nearby, and in a second I have the battery recharged and the door open. The lady on the comm is so kind to remind me that I’m still at risk of being sucked out of the ship.

I step through the powered door and it immediately slams shut behind me. What the hell? Oh. THAT’S the airlock. Okay, so I’m not going to be sucked into space now? That’s good, I suppose. The voice proceeds to tell me that she’s given me some modules to augment my abilities. I’m not paying much attention to her yet again, as I’m digging through containers looking for, well, anything. I find 20 nanites, and another 10 on a corpse. I make my way through to the next room and find a place to use those modules the Voice was talking about. I also find another corpse, with 4 more modules for me to use. I don’t have many to work with, but I have enough to boost my hacking skills and my agility. Perfect for a hacker who doesn’t really want to engage in combat.

I search in the area a bit more, using the elevator to go up to the second floor. I find some medical materials to use when I see combat (it’s basically inevitable), and I get my first taste of hacking. I think I tripped an alarm, but at least it sounded like a very polite alarm. More corpses, one of which I looted to find a psi-amp. Though it’s doubtful I’ll be using it much, it’s nice that I finally got one. Pretty much cleaning out the room, I start heading to the second floor exit. I round the turn to the corridor, and I stop dead in my tracks.

The hell did I just see? HE CAME OUT OF THE WALL. He said he forgot his key, but conveniently enough I picked up a key in my looting… The apparition quickly disappears, unfortunately. I doubt he would have acknowledged my presence anyway. Jarred slightly, I continue on to the science sector. Still no combat, but I have a bad feeling that’s going to change soon enough. I grit my teeth, swiping my card and heading in.

To be continued

— Brandon

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