News: Tuesday, August 7th.

This here is going to have a lot of news and updates. A lot has happened recently for LaaG. It has been a very good month and beginning to turn into a more amazing upcoming month. Here is the list of news and changes.

A: LaaG has now affiliated with FFF(Fun For Freedom). What this means: We are going to be doing some community events from time to time with them. They are going to join our servers and enjoy them just as much as us, since they can not support the servers that they want. They will also help promote us, and our servers, and occasionally stream with us and our servers. We will also do the same for them.

B: As LaaG has progressed a few changes has happened for various things and reasons.

1: The site is up for what is close to 100%, yes there are issues still. I am(Bert) in the process of creating a new theme with what we have from scratch. Mainly to help fix many of the issues we have with the site as of now.

2: The forums are live and well under way to have people join and do what not on them.

3: The twitch page for streaming will be getting some changes by the end of the month as well.

C: LaaG has grown and has needed some improvements for various tasks. We now have our own personal dedicated server to create servers and to incorporate our community with many more things to do.

As such, this means that we have moved from GE(Gaming Evolved). We are still affiliates and will still promote them as much as we can and they will do the same. You may still go to there servers, chat with them, and so on.

Since LaaG now has their own server, we have our own TS server and active Minecraft server. Please message Bert or Taso for more details or look for the info on Steam, the website, or here on Facebook.

D: Since we have our own server we are now fully able to do our community events. This upcoming Friday, August 10th, we are hosting our first Community Event. We are going to play on our vanilla, pluginless, and bukkitless server. What the main goal is: To stress test our new server, short of DDoSing it. We also have extended our hand to FFF to see if they would like to join and help use test our new server. Please, if you do join us, don’t use hacks or cheats.

E: More things are brewing this month as well. August 18th, mark your calendars, we are going to start our weekend streams. The Twitch page and site will have a schedule setup to show what is going to be played, by who, and when.

I do believe this is all of the News we have to present for now. If anything more comes up I(Bert) will post that info. This info currently will be on the LaaG site, Facebook, and Steam group.

Also a note. I(Bert) am going to be creating a Donation placeholder page, so people can donate to help pay for the webhosting, provided by xela, and to help pay for the server cost itself.

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