Beta Watchlist 06/27/2012

Beta Watchlist 06/27/2012

So, I figured I should put together a list of Betas to watch out for. You know if you are into that kind of thing.

Beta/Released/SomethingElse but still not release for wide-scale adoption

Firefall (Said to be released, but requries an invite from a current player)

Betas On-Going

Guild Wars 2 (Access to Beta weekends if you pre-order)
Secret World
World of Warcraft: Mists of Panderia (jump the shark much?)

Betas Starting Soon

Planetside 2 (Beta Starting soon, no official ETA)
Torchlight 2 (Access to beta when its ready if you pre-order)

Beta Watchlist with no ETA

Hawken (Mechwarrior Spin-off that doesn’t require a joystick to be good)
Mechwarrior Online (Access to beta if you pre-order, no ETA on start date)
Dust 514 (PS3, maybe PC at a later date)
Natural Selection 2
Phantasy Star Online 2 (don’t expect miracles that you can play in the US yet)
World of Darkness (no official website)
Dragon Ball Online (No link as no official website for International/English Version as of yet)
Marvel Heroes (Diablo Style MMO, no real website yet)

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