Hybrids, what you need to know.

What is a Hybrid?

Today, I want to bring you an article on hybrids. Another boring article? Possibly! This time I will at least try to be more personalable and funny. Don’t count on it though. I suck at life.

Let’s start with the dictionary.com definition of hybrid. A hybrid is anything derived from heterogeneous sources, or composed of elements of different or incongruous kinds. (Source)

“What the hell does this have to do with MMOs?” you should be asking yourself. It has a lot to do with MMOs. Simply, a hybrid is a character that draws on different aspects of different talents to create a build that sacrifices a “top tier” ability for a “mid tier” ability from a different tree. What the fuck does that mean?!?!?!!?!!

In short, it means you made a character in a game that sucks ass! Actually, in most cases that is not the truth. A hybrid falls into two different categories. That character can be a hybrid role specialized (saying “spec” and “specced” from now on) or hybrid dps specced.”

Jesus christ Jedi, you are speaking freaking jibberish to me. I need more explanation!

Ok, fine. More explanation…

Let’s start with what a talent tree is. A talent tree is a tree diagram that you get to use “points” to gain expertise in a field of study for your character. Talent trees in of themselves are very similar, but we are starting to see some fo the big names completely rethink how they are done. That is a different subject and out of the scope of today’s article.

So, you are saying to be a hybrid I need to spend my points in two or more fields of study?

OMG! You understand!

But, why the hell should I? It seems counter productive and makes me a fail at life! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

This is where most people are completely wrong. A hybrid spec normally gives you the best of two or more worlds, only while giving up a signature ability. A prime example of this is the Madness/Deception(Example Build specced sith assasin in SWTOR. In this case, the Sith Assasin forgoes both top tier abilities from both trees and specializes in the ability to regen force more often at a faster rate. What this does for the Sith Assasin is even with their small pool of force(100 to be exact) they are able to DPS at a higher rate for a longer period of time with a high force cost dot spec.

In another case, lets look at a Sith Juggernaut who is tank/dps specced(Example Build. In this case, the player has good enough gear that he can easily fill the role of DPS or tank in a given situation. In this case, they are sacrificing a bit of DPS for the ability to quickly switch to a tanking role and actually be semi-effective in both roles. What this player normally ends up doing is tanking in fights where there is a need for two tanks and then their isn’t a need, that player can play a DPS role for the encounter.

Why the hell are you called “Jediwaldo”?

People ask me all the time why my online handle is Jediwaldo. First and foremost, I created this online handle when I first started playing online games. I took a random nickname that was given to me by my high school science teacher of Waldo. It is a play on my last name of Walderbach. Then I took my love for star wars and all things glowslingy. I used this name in my first ever gaming tournament and placed third out of 20 competitors in Red Alert 2. This name promptly has stuck with me for what is going on 13 years. My official online handle is actually JediEliteWaldo.

Let me explain that. My online persona is neither Jedi nor Sith. He is above the trivial differences between light and dark. He is more of a grey force user. He calls onto his feelings when needed and on mediatation in other cases. The persona of JediEliteWaldo knows no bounds and is not bound by either the Jedi Code or the Sith Code. He is above that and realizes that their is need for both light and dark sides. No one side is evil. Evil is in the mindset of whichever side you are in.

My case in point, is this. I roleplay my characters in SWTOR as follows. Just because one of my character’s works for the Sith Empire does not mean that the actualy Empire is inherently evil. There are normal people who did not chose which side to be on, they were just born into the Sith Empire. This goes doubly for the population in the Republic Territories. Every government in existence has its good things and bad things. Sometimes you have the abilty to change it and in other cases you have no power at all.

Personally, I play my Main, the Bounty Hunter, as a Bounty hunter. She is ruthless, mean, and loyal to her comrades. None of that means she is a evil or that she is even an Imperial solider in facet. She is just on the side of the Sith Empire as they pay more and don’t look down on her credit grubbing tendencies. ***Slight Spoiler incoming*** I was actually glad when doing the main quest line, when Mandalore accepted me as a full fledged Manadorian even though my bounty hunter is a Zabarak. This alone means that I work for the Mandolorians and not the Empire. I am neither Sith nor Jedi. I am neither with or against the Empire. I am an outlaw that is part of the Mandolorians, under the command of the Mandalore.

Enough rambling for one week. I give up. One last thing….


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