Site Launch

As most of you probably know now, the site and various things with it have been officially launched. As such, we will now be posting news, reviews, and much much more.

As well as that. Yes the site has some things to clean up. It will be fixed in due time. As of right now, the site works the way it is and has everything we need to start our small steps in the direction we want.

Also, to note, the minecraft server that is hosted with us from xelaservers has also launched. We will have a spot for all of this information for those who want to be able to join us in the fun.

Again, the LaaG site is now officially launched and ready for everyone to read, watch, listen, and everything else. So have fun, and leave us some feedback on anything.

The forums are also still under construction still, but should be up by the end of the month. I will post updates about this as much as I can.

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