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About Life as a Gamer:

Our mission is to create gaming related content for people to read, watch, and listen to.
Our primary goals are to create gaming related content and to create a spot for people to come and socialize with us. We want to make a social hub for all of our friends and fans. This primary goal is meant to create the stir around the gaming content we provide and to show support for all types of content that we can produce.
Our secondary goal is to work on small gaming related events and to have some small fan-like services available for everyone to enjoy.

About the Staff:


*Note : The Staff section is undergoing some work to show information about the team properly.*

The Owners: 

                                                                                 Creator/Owner:                                                Co-Creator/Co-Owner:


                                                                          Jacob Starks/Bertshet                                                     Tasogareken
                                                                       Bertshet@lifeasagamer.net                                    Tasogareken@lifeasagamer.net  




Article Writers:

  Bertshet   Tasogareken RubyKitty SkaGlampunk



Social Media Administrators:

RubyKitty     Bertshet



Website Coder/Helper:

Bertshet    Gn6me*

*Credits go to Gn6me for helping Bertshet code and fix the mess that he makes/p>


Community Administration:

Server Admin(s):

Server Moderator(s):

Event Planner(s):


Special thanks to Bertshet and RubyKitty for the hosting of the website and game/service(s) server.

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